This Is Not a Drill: Dr Pepper Just Launched Three (!!!) New Flavors (2023)

This Is Not a Drill: Dr Pepper Just Launched Three (!!!) New Flavors (2)

We've come a long way since The Great Dr Pepper Shortage of 2020.

Last summer, the go-to drink of Ree Drummond's husband (and everyone else with great taste) totally disappeared from store shelves. Increased demand coupled with production delays related to the pandemic led to Dr Pepper being in very short supply. For people like Ladd, who drinks four cans of the sweet nectar a day, this was a trying time.

Now, eight months later, Dr Pepper is back in a big way. The beloved soda—or "pop," if you're from the Midwest—has returned to its full-stock glory and launched a new line of products.

"The Zero you've been waiting for... is finally here," Dr Pepper recently announced on Twitter.

Dr Pepper Zero Sugar, the latest of the brand's better-for-you offerings, is now available in three flavors: original, cherry, and cream. Each flavor contains—you guessed it!—zero grams of sugar.

Longtime lovers of Diet Dr Pepper, which is unofficially the best diet soft drink on the market, are probably wondering what this means for the future of their dear D.D.P.

Fear not, soda fiends, because there's a key difference between the Diet and Zero Sugar versions of Dr Pepper that assures they'll both have a place in this world. Dr Pepper Zero Sugar is sweetened with a combination of aspartame and acesulfame potassium, which makes it slightly more syrupy (read: realistic). Diet Dr Pepper, on the other hand, is sweetened with only aspartame. Science!

So, will you switch your Dr Pepper flavor allegiance to one of the new formulas? Tell us in the comments!

This Is Not a Drill: Dr Pepper Just Launched Three (!!!) New Flavors (3)

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(Video) This Is Not A Drill: Dr Pepper Just Launched Three (!!!) New Flavors


What are the 23 secret flavors in Dr Pepper? ›

What are the 23 flavors? The 23 flavors are cola, cherry, licorice, amaretto (almond, vanilla, blackberry, apricot, blackberry, caramel, pepper, anise, sarsaparilla, ginger, molasses, lemon, plum, orange, nutmeg, cardamon, all spice, coriander juniper, birch and prickly ash.

What are the 33 flavors of Dr Pepper? ›

literally locked in a vault at the Dr Pepper Snapple Group headquarters in Plano, though the internet community speculates they are amaretto, almond, blackberry, black licorice, carrot, clove, cherry, caramel, cola, ginger, juniper, lemon, molasses, nutmeg, orange, prune, plum, pepper, root beer, rum, raspberry, tomato ...

What was the original slogan of Doctor pepper? ›

From 1910 to 1914, Dr Pepper was identified with the slogan, “King of Beverages.” “Old Doc,” a typical country doctor character with monocle and top hat, became the Dr Pepper trademark character in the 1920s and 1930s.

Does Dr Pepper have 32 flavors? ›

A signature blend of 23 flavors makes every sip of Dr Pepper truly unique. There's nothing like a Dr Pepper.

What does 10 2 4 mean on Dr Pepper? ›

The 10-2-4 Collectors' Club is named for early company logos, some with drawings of clock faces, urging patrons to have a Dr Pepper at 10 AM followed by one each at 2 PM and 4 PM.

What flavor is the limited-edition Dr Pepper? ›

Dr Pepper has launched a limited-edition Dr Pepper Bourbon Flavored Fansville Reserve. Dr Pepper Bourbon-flavored Fansville Reserve is a tailgate-inspired, non-alcoholic beverage. Dr Pepper Bourbon Flavored Fansville Reserve offers savory, sweet and woody notes, with hints of cherry, vanilla, chocolate and caramel.

Is Dr Pepper already cherry flavored? ›

Dr Pepper is known for its unique flavor. To take it up a notch, we added cherry to the original recipe of 23 signature flavors and Dr Pepper Cherry was born! This delicious beverage is a sweet addition to our lineup of distinctive Dr Pepper flavors.

What flavor is Dreamworld Coke? ›

It had a fruity candy smell -- like Skittles mixed with Coca-Cola -- but it definitely didn't taste the same way. I immediately got a citrus flavor from this soda, but I thought the overall flavor was similar to Marshmello's limited-edition Coke.

Does Dr Pepper taste like cherry? ›

The taste of Dr Pepper is really hard to describe, simply because there's nothing quite like it. Some say it has a hint of cherry or a trace of liquorice, but the reason it's so hard to describe what Dr Pepper tastes like, is probably down to the fact that there's a combination of 23 different flavours!

What does 23 mean on Dr Pepper? ›

There are 23 ingredients to Dr Pepper – fans speculate that the flavors are amaretto, almond, blackberry, black licorice, caramel , carrot, clove, cherry, cola, ginger, juniper, lemon , molasses, nutmeg, orange, prune, plum, pepper, root beer, rum, raspberry, tomato and vanilla.

Was Dr Pepper a real guy? ›

Charles Taylor Pepper (December 2, 1830 – May 28, 1903) was an American physician and surgeon, who is often cited as the namesake for the soft drink brand Dr Pepper.

Does Dr Pepper have alcohol in it? ›

While the can itself is evocative of an artisan beer or spirit, readers should know that this Dr Pepper does not contain any alcohol.

What two sodas make Dr Pepper? ›

If your favourite soda is Dr Pepper but you don't have any in your fridge this new trend might be the one for you. According to TikTok you can recreate the taste of the real thing by using 2 ingredients: unflavored seltzer water and black cherry MiO.

What was removed from Dr Pepper in the 1950's? ›

Morrison, owner of the drug store is credited with naming the drink "Dr Pepper" after a friend of his, Dr. Charles Pepper. Later in the 1950s the period was removed from the "Dr Pepper" name.

Does Doctor pepper expire? ›

Now, that said, the Texanist did this at his own risk, with full knowledge, gleaned from the Dr Pepper FAQ page, that bottled Dr Pepper sweetened with sugar carries a shelf life of only thirty-nine weeks.

What was removed from Dr Pepper back in the 1950s? ›

The period (full stop) after Dr was used intermittently in Dr Pepper logos until the 1950s, when, after some debate, it was discarded permanently, for stylistic and legibility reasons. A logo that debuted at that time had slanted text, in which Dr.

What new flavor of Dr Pepper is coming out? ›

Here's how to try the limited-edition soda. Bourbon is the spirit of the season, thanks to its notes of caramel, vanilla, pecan, toasted sugar, and other fall flavors. And now Dr Pepper has jumped on the bourbon bandwagon with its newest soda flavor.

Is there a blueberry Dr Pepper? ›

Dr Pepper Berries & Cream is back with that smooth Dr Pepper taste. It's got a punch of blueberry and raspberry flavor with a rich creamy vanilla finish. Join Pepper Perks for a chance to win the sweet treat you deserve,” the description reads on the brand's website.

What was Dr Pepper made to smell like? ›

According to the Dr Pepper Museum, Alderton liked the way the drug store smelled and decided to create a drink that tasted like all of the fruit syrup flavor smells mixed together in the air.

What soda is a blend of 23 flavors? ›

The name "Dr. Pepper" was first used commercially in 1885. It was introduced nationally in the United States at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition as a new kind of soda pop, made with 23 flavors. Its introduction in 1885 preceded the introduction of Coca-Cola by one year.

What is a dirty Dr Pepper at Sonic? ›

Dirty Dr. Pepper is a non-alcoholic drink made with Dr. Pepper, coconut syrup and lime! It is a delicious and refreshing mocktail that any Dr. Pepper drink lover will appreciate!

How many secret ingredients are in Dr Pepper? ›

Dr Pepper is made from a top-secret combination of 23 different ingredients and the exact combination is only made known to three senior employees of the firm at any one time.


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